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The Summoning - Kelley Armstrong Have you ever wondered what makes a good book good? I believe they all have a similar story skeleton. Consider Pride and Prejudice and North and South. Both books are about completely different subjects, yet there are similarities, similar scenes that draw the reader in, making them say, “You know, this is good… I like this!” —like the first proposal scene between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth and the proposal scene between Mr. Thornton and Margaret Hale.

I think you can apply the same idea with this series. As I was reading, I couldn’t help but think about LJ Smith’s Dark Visions trilogy. There are definite similarities—group of kids with special abilities brought together to be helped out/studied/experimented on, unspoken attractions among the kids, and a runaway situation. Yet, there are distinctions between the two books. Armstrong’s tale is certainly the darker, more paranormal of the two, which isn’t a bad thing.

Armstrong’s writing was engaging for the most part, but at times I found the pacing to be a bit slow—especially in the middle. Likable characters. Overall, not a bad beginning to the series. I give it 3.5 stars.