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The Awakening - Kelley Armstrong I found The Awakening, the second book to the Darkest Powers trilogy, much better than its predecessor. It seamlessly picks up where the first book leaves off, without too much needless repetition of the events that had already occurred. Chloe is back with the Edison Group, trying to learn more about her situation. Her discoveries force her to establish new ties in order to escape from her captors, and eventually meet up with Derek and Simon.

However, besides these initial discoveries—i.e. the Edison group’s study—there’s no other significant additions to the story arc. The kids are still on the run, with no real success of locating Simon’s father. Chloe is still unable to control her summoning powers as a necromancer, and the same can be said for Derek, Tori, and Simon.

But for me, the book’s saving grace was its character development. Like its predecessor, the book is viewed from Chloe’s perspective but the reader does learn more about the other characters. We gain a sort of sympathy for Tori, even Aunt Lauren (though I’m still unsure about her reaction to Derek in Book 1). The reader also gets to learn more about the inner workings of Derek’s mind and the driving force behind his actions. Behind that gruff and bossy exterior, there’s kindness, caring, even a certain sense of insecurity.

Learning more about the characters’ backgrounds makes me want to read more about them and find out how everything will turn out in the end.