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The Forbidden Game: The Hunter; The Chase; The Kill - L.J. Smith Overall, The Forbidden Game is not a bad trilogy, especially if you were to compare it to her new VD Nightfall series. The writing is concise and to the point, with no unnecessary descriptions or digressions. And the story itself is quite interesting to follow, in regards to the lore, even though it’s not entirely new.

The Hunter (four stars)

Jenny’s hosting a birthday party for her boyfriend, Tom, and is trying to find something for the evening’s entertainment. She comes across a store called More Games, and the salesman, a boy about her age, offers her a game in white box, a game that offers “mystery… danger, seduction, fear… temptation.” Jenny buys it, and so the game begins.

Did enjoy reading about the mystery of the game, and while each of the character’s dreams was disturbing, it was also quite interesting to see how each dream suited the traits of each of the characters.

I was also surprised to reencounter another character from a book I recently read: Loki the Trickster from Runemarks . Though, there’s one scene near the end that made me roll my eyes (one of those pick me, no pick me kind of scenes). But despite that one scene, I really liked this book. And as in Runemarks, there’s always the possibility of being born again if you survive swimming the river Dream…. ;)