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The Truth About Forever - Sarah Dessen You know that phrase “third one’s the charm”? Well for me that phrase applies to Dessen’s The Truth About Forever. That means a lot considering, I’m not really a fan of the books from this genre—teen issues and drama, learning about love and friendship. I just find it too cutesy. In regards to this novel, however, I actually had a lot of fun.

It’s summer and Macy’s genius boyfriend is off to brain camp, while she’s stuck at home, taking over his job at the info desk in the library. In their email correspondence, she ends a mail by saying, “love you,” his response being I think we should take a break from this year and a half relationship for the time being; I’m finding you a bit too clingy. *wink* Her job at the library is not much better, thanks to her two busybody coworkers. Macy, however, finds some solace by taking another job with a catering service, where she meets Wes….

Loved reading their interactions and enjoyed the descriptions of his metalwork. Wes’s work rather intrigued me, and I began to wonder how it could be represented on film. I also enjoyed Macy’s other catering coworkers—Bert, Kristy, Monica and Delia —, each one rather cute and quirky in their mannerisms and actions, as well as contributing a lot of funny dialogue. (side note: liked the choice of name here, i.e. Delia, as in Delia Smith *grin* )

Though to the book’s detriment, it was plagued by a number of typos, and one scene in particular, I felt, could’ve been eliminated completely, as it contributed nothing significant to the story’s progress, only leading to one of those clichéd rescue scenes that make you cringe as you consider the stupidity of the main character for getting into such a situation in the first place. Aside from that, on the whole, it's a good, enjoyable read.