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The Luxe - Anna Godbersen The Luxe sort of reminds me of a cheap version of the film Bright Young Things, based on the novel Vile Bodies by Evelyn Waugh. Like Waugh’s book, this novel depicts the dying of an era and culture. The majority of the characters are either too weak or are stupidly petty. In the entire book, I only found one likeable character: Diana. She’s the strongest of the lot.

I have a pretty good idea of what will happen:

Elizabeth and Will: This relationship was doomed from the start. Even if they end up together, I don’t think they’ll stay that way for long.

Penelope: Every book needs a villain. She’ll probably get her man in the end, but I don’t think she’ll be happy with her spoils.

Diana and Henry: Sort of reminded me of the forbidden romance between Jack and Schuyler from the Blue Bloods series. Though where I like Jack, I’m not so crazy about Henry, even though they’re both similar in temperament. Diana though dresses him up, and I didn’t mind reading about their affair. Do I think they’ll end up together? No. Diana deserves better.

Lena: I felt bad for her in the beginning, but then she just got annoying—with her frustration and naiveté. She’s probably going to be badly used by Tristan, but you never know… they might just make a good couple.