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Holy Fools - Joanne Harris I love Harris’s writing style. The prose has an oral quality to it… very lyrical, making you want to read it aloud. And it all makes sense, given this story’s set in France, year 1610. The tone of the narrators is actually quite modern, but the oral nature of their narrative sort of gives the story its authenticity, if you will.

Like her other novels, this one also has a split narrative, as the story’s told from the perspectives of Juliette and Guy. I loved how their stories read like verbal duels, a battle of wills; each competing with their narration… each pointing out the other’s flaws and schemes, so the reader can recognize elaboration or concealment. This was rather well done. Also liked how at times they would occasionally concede defeat in their duel… secretly admiring and applauding each other’s style and audacity. Couldn’t help but smile at them during these times. ;)

Though at times, some of the scenes are a bit overdone, such as the nuns’ overzealous cult-like devotion for their priest, which lead to the dancing during vespers and physical twitches… but looking back, and realizing the theatrical nature of the story as a whole, those scenes do indeed make sense. And I couldn’t help but inwardly smile at some of the religious traditions and conventions that Harris pokes fun at.

Really liked this one, can’t wait to read more of her work.