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Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick On the one hand, the cover of Hush Hush spoils the big secret of the ‘hero’s’ identity, and the reader is left wondering why it takes so long for Nora to figure it out. But then again, having the reader already suspect Patch’s secret, may actually help the reader on some level to commiserate with his predicament. It’s sort of like the Paradise Lost argument: Milton seems to portray Satan as a sympathetic, almost likable character; you can’t help but like the bad boy, the fallen angel. I think you can apply the same here: For me, if I didn’t suspect Patch’s identity beforehand, I probably wouldn’t have liked him as much as I did. That said, there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding Patch in regards to his past, leaving open the possibility for a sequel. However, don’t let that deter you from reading this book; the ending is satisfying as is. There are no cliffhangers.

Fitzpatrick does have an entertaining writing style, one that makes you feel inquisitive and want to keep on reading, but there are some scenes that are questionable and unrealistic e.g. teen left home alone for long periods of time, parental/teen reaction to certain catastrophic events. Other events follow the pattern of many of the books from this genre, i.e. the new kid at school, gym and biology class, though I'll admit that they're done from a different and fresh perspective. I also must give Fitzpatrick credit for writing a male character that actually seems true to life (one of those lustful user/joker types), rather than writing about those strong, yet sensitive male heros that are often found in ya fiction. Despite the few flaws and remembering that this is indeed a work of fiction, I did enjoy reading this book.