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Hourglass - Claudia Gray As Macdonald Carey states, "Like sands from the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." This third venture into the Evernight series certainly doesn't disappoint, though you probably could figure out the story synopsis from the title and the title of its sequel, Afterlife. Despite that, I think the story gets better as the series progresses. Stargazer ends with Bianca joining Lucas and Black Cross, and Hourglass picks up from there, with her training to become a hunter, while trying to hide the fact that she's one of the hunted. Complications arise, forcing Lucas and Bianca to run off on their own, hiding from Black Cross as well as from other past enemies. Meanwhile, days are passing, and the sands from the hourglass are dwindling....

Ranulf and Vic are back sharing some funny lines, but also wished they could have had a larger part in the story line. That said, this is an entertaining read, one that will leave you wanting more.