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Chalice - Robin McKinley Did enjoy the story with this one. It reminded me of the tales of the Lithuanian pagan Earth goddess my grandparents and mother told me when I was young. Really liked the idea of the Master and Chalice in touch with the earthlines, sensing the pain and worry of the land, and trying to alleviate its stresses. The discussions about the various restorative properties of honey were also well done. Also liked the concept of the Elemental priests… thought it rather interesting.

However, I wasn’t too enthralled by the construction of the book. A lot of the story is told via flashbacks. And once the story finds its way back to the present, the things that are said become repetitious, as they mirror what was previously stated in those flashback moments. For me, it made the book feel like a giant prologue. A lot more could have been included, but wasn’t. As I finished, I couldn’t help but wonder, “What happens next?” The book has a definite ending, and given the fact that McKinley doesn’t often write sequels to her novels, I don’t think there will be one for Chalice. But, if she does happen to write one, I wouldn’t mind reading it, as the world she envisioned was rather good.