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Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy, Book 5) - Richelle Mead Oh, what a soap opera! Rose is such a loud mouth bitchy tease… but then again, guys just love that—all you need to do is look at the slew of men she keeps in toe from Adrian, Eddie, Mikhail to Dimitri et.al. It’s funny watching them… with all of that fierce loyalty to her and her beliefs, even though each of them knows she’s volatile and crazy, always impulsively acting before thinking. It all adds to the drama. :)

One thing I could’ve done without, though, is that romantic interlude—if you could call it that—between Rose and Adrian. What a mess! Adrian was one of the reasons why I kept on reading this series. I liked that he sort of had that James Dean devil-may-care attitude. In this installment, instead of James Dean’s cool emotional turmoil—I’m particularly picturing him in East of Eden, the moment when Dean presents his father with the birthday present—, we get this cathartic outburst, “I need you to be safe. I can’t… I can’t have anything happen to you…. No matter what happens, please, please be careful. I can’t lose you.” I think I’m going to take a line from my Lithuanian grandmother, “Eh… it kills da whole man!” ;) I’m hoping in the last installment, Adrian will finally wise up to Rose’s teasing ways and wipe his hands of her. And maybe he’ll get paired up with Sydney.

In terms of plot, the main problem is predictability. I was always two steps ahead of what was happening, writing a prediction in the margins, then five, ten pages later, finding that my predictions did indeed come to fruition. Also, the plot’s so easy… everything happens with minimal conflict or resistance. For instance, the prison break scene. I remember wondering if Rose and her posse somehow stole Doctor Who’s psychic paper when they were flaunting those clearance forms that were out of date, yet evoked no real suspicion. I also find it amazing how in the aftermath, no one suspected them… that there wasn’t any surveillance footage of them anywhere and that Adrian’s little mind compulsion trick at the casino truly cleared them of suspicion. I don’t know… this little subplot wrapped up a little too cleanly for me.

One thing has me guessing, though. When we first learn about the murder, I immediately pegged it as a desperate act of a disillusioned lover. But that final letter at the end of the book made me question that assured prediction. As I begin the final book, though, I’m not entirely willing to dismiss it. But one thing I think I can safely say is that Rose and her little Dimi will reach their happy conclusion.