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Darklight (Wondrous Strange, Book 2) - Lesley Livingston This is one of those rare cases where the sequel’s actually better than the first book in the series. Perhaps the reason why I like this installment more is because, as the title hints, this is based on a tragedy…darkness eclipsing the light.

Like Wondrous Strange. Things are not as they seem, as hard times and separation affect our two protagonists—Kelley and Sonny.

Yet, what makes this a good book is the supporting cast—Fenn, Tyff, Jack, and Puck, aka Bob. Together they bring that extra bit of acerbic wit that adds spice to the tale, adding to the overall entertainment. With them, the book can be quite fun. Must admit, I have a slight crush on Fennrys—can’t help but love a guy who’d do this: “He didn’t wait for her answer. Just plucked the glass from Kelley’s hand and put on the high table beside her. Then he took her by the wrist and pulled her onto the [dance] floor.” I think that’s great.

Though I do think the book’s a bit predictable. I have a gut feeling that won’t be swayed as to the identity of the antagonist, even though this means that the guy I like might be somehow implicated as well.