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Dancing in My Nuddy-Pants  - Louise Rennison Ooh hoo! I think this book is my favorite in the series. The imagery is absolutely wonderful. M’sieur Call Me Henri, the French student teacher. Libby’s “fwend” Mr. Cheese—“a bit of old Edam in a hat.” I wonder if Terry Pratchett borrowed from the idea when he created Horace, the Lancre Blue cheese, thief and troublemaker that sports the Nac Mac Feegle clan tartan skirt. ;) The image of Angus driving the Prat Poodles crazy on the fence, “raising his paw slightly higher and higher” then “tapp[ing Georgia’s] head with a paw” as she walks by. I love it! So cute!

Favorite moments/lines:

“We set off with Gorgey Henri for the Eiffel Tower. I was singing ‘Fallink in luff again, never vanted to…’ until Rosie pointed out that Marlene Dietrich sang that and she was by no means a French person.”

“notre dame
4:00 p.m.
Very gothic. No sign of hunchbacks, though. So… with a marvelous display of imaginosity… the ace gang got into their hunchback gear (haversacks under coats)…shuffling around and yelling, ‘The bells, the bells.”