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Love is a Many Trousered Thing - Louise Rennison Georgia meets nature in this installment when her class is forced to go on a camping trip. It kind of reminds me of when the boys from Top Gear went camping…the tent issues, bathroom problems etc.—though minus flame issues they encountered.

On a side note, I love wacky Rosie with her fake beard and Viking wedding preparations. Priceless!

On a further side note, I can certainly relate to Georgia when she describes boys’ cologne: “Wearing pongy stuff that some fool in advertising says is irresistible to women, and that as soon as they smell it they want to get to No. 6 with you. I passed Oscar the trainee tosser this evening and practically passed out. I have NEVER smelled stronger Brut or Impulse or whatever it is. I was choking. I tell you what, if he lights up a fag as well, that will be the end of him.”