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Faefever - Karen Marie Moning This series really brings out my evil side. Every few pages I keep bursting with giggles—I can’t help it. The way Mac effervesces, gushing and bubbling all over the place, is so cartoonish. I can almost picture a rainbow trail following her wherever she goes—the perfect accessory to complement her “MacHalo.” ;) But what I particularly love is how Mac’s inner self completes the image. The way she comes up with all of those far out ideas and conclusions is absolutely wonderful, especially in regards to Barrons. It is impossible to truly hate her, especially when she comes out with those brilliant lines: “ ‘Elucidate,’ I said dryly. I’ve been learning new words. I’ve been reading a lot lately.” Mac is a true mess, yet she perfectly fulfills the cutesy Disney faerie imagery we all grew up with.

Unfortunately this installment pushes poor Mac Barbie to the limits. I knew that Mac was going to be tempting fate as soon as she offered up that little offhand comment to Barrons. It certainly led to a cruel and brutal ending—one that is absolutely true for Mac, though it could also easily apply to the reader as well.

In regards to Barrons, though given a little more information about his “otherworldliness,” we don’t really learn that much more about him. He’s just as enigmatic as before. However, Ms. Moning does possibly provide another revealing piece about his past...in the form of that rather brief description of the boy scribe. Yet, I’m not so sure that I want to believe it, since I personally like my conception better.