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Dreamfever  - Karen Marie Moning Essentially Dreamfever reads like a long prologue to the massive finale that is Shadowfever. Even though all of the pieces are beginning to come together, the end is still annoyingly far away.

One of the things I liked best about this installment was that even after everything Mac has experienced, she is still Mac regardless of the fact that she no longer feels like her rainbow self. She is still impulsive and reckless, incapable of really seeing and understanding what is directly in front of her. It is absolutely wonderful. As I was reading, I couldn’t help but commiserate with Barrons’ sentiments—feeling that same sort of frustration with Mac’s stupidity, and yet, after everything is said and done, be amused by it.

I didn’t really like how Ms. Moning brought Mac and Barrons together in this book. At the end of book three, I envisioned two paths Ms. Moning could have taken. Unfortunately, she ultimately chose the predictable cheap and trashy route. In regards to Barrons in this installment, as soon as I saw the illustration of Mac’s tattoo at the end of Bloodfever, I suspected something was up, though I was hoping Ms. Moning wouldn’t go there. Though, I am happy to say that at least one part of my initial prediction about Barrons in Darkfever proved correct! Now if only my prediction is correct in regards to the identity of this new mystery figure...I will truly be a happy camper. ;)