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Easy - Tammara Webber Easy is good meshed with bad. Think of a canvas splattered with two colors of paint. Rather than forming interesting contrasts, the colors irrevocably clash. This novel could have been interesting, but the timing is off. Certain events, especially the hookups and breakups, happen too fast. Thus what is supposed to be described as a burgeoning romance, manifests into a tawdry affair; and the novel’s title takes on another, more negative connotation. The story’s message is supposed to be one of finding yourself and being able to be yourself with no inhibitions. When two people are able to breakdown those barriers to trust and be free with each other, the choice to be together is “easy.” However as written, the circumstances surrounding Lucas and Jacqueline’s meeting and rather sudden relationship, and especially Jacqueline’s immediate sense of trust in this person she barely knows, makes her appear somewhat too “easy.” I’m uncomfortable with that possible reading of this story.

Some of the interactions in this novel are fine. I liked Jacqueline’s wacky roommate and the initiative she used to get her friend help. But for the most part, Lucas and Jacqueline’s conversations were awkward and tacky, due in part to his secrecy and evasiveness and her complete and unabashed trust in him. The only true moment between them occurs at the end, when all barriers are seemingly down.

Overall, this novel wasn’t quite what I was expecting.