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Stopping Time, Part 2 (Wicked Lovely, #2.5 Part II)

Stopping Time, Part 2 - Melissa Marr If you were interested in reading more about the love triangle between Leslie, Irial and Niall, or you just wanted to know whatever happened to Leslie’s brother Ren, read this short story.

It picks up where Ink Exchange ends: Leslie has moved on with her life, in a new town, with new friends–yet she can’t entirely escape her past, nor can she forget her feelings for Irial and Niall. They too can’t forget her or let her go completely….

Great chemistry among the characters… was a quick read, yet satisfying.

My only scruple with the story is Michael's immediate acceptance of Irial's identity as a faery. But I suppose love makes us capable of anything, even if it's accepting something out of the ordinary.